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I have been suffering with renal colic, and last week they finally found a stone just below my left kidney. During an operation to remove it, they found they didn't have a 'scope' with a long enough reach and put a "double J Stent" in instead. As far as I'm aware, it links my kidney to my bladder to allow the kidney to drain.

My question is can I still dive? I'm getting married in three weeks time, and my best man has organised a diving stag party in Weymouth next weekend. As the dives should be quite shallow, will I be able to participate or should I sit them out?

I have been given Voltarol 50mg tablets to control the discomfort at the moment, but I only have them for another two days. Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

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Phew, you're a brave man. A diving stagfest. We'll prepare the chamber immediately. I can see 10 bleary eyed divers, still pissed from the night before, as hydrated as a Bedouin's mouth, merrily vomming into their regs at the first sign of a swell.

The kidney stone and stent will be the least of your problems. That's Ok, just make sure you drink plenty of water to keep everything flushed through. If the stone is still there, then there is a risk that is can move a bit more, causing a lot more pain. I am surprised you were not offered "lithotripsy". That's where they can ultrasonically vibrate your stone to pieces.

Rather like an opera soprano and a wine glass. If they haven't referred you for that, I suppose you could add it to your Wedding List.

If you are still on the Voltarol, at the time then, once again that is allowable with diving.So, good luck, brave groom, and one last tip. Don't bother bringing your weight belt. You're going to be handcuffed to a Mondeo anyway.

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