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Potential Hyperbaric Chamber Closures

NHS England's public consultations for hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) opened recently and includes a proposal to reduce the number of current chamber facilities from 10 to 8, with the closure of one London chamber and one in the South.

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LDC-Training DMT Manual App

The DMT app translates the 300 page Diver Medic Technician course manual into app form, utilising an intuitive navigation system to help the Diver Medic locate important information quickly.

Now available on the iPad.

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LDC smartphone App

LDC App - NEW Version now available on iPhone and Android.

For those of you who haven't already downloaded the App; what are you waiting for? And for those of you who have; get updating, because we've added plenty more features!

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Going for Gold - MDC Puts in an Olympic Performance

The Midlands Diving Chamber has hit the headlines again with our star patient, London 2012 Gold Medalist Greg Rutherford.

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Oxygen Healing and the Daily Mail

Featured in the Daily Mail Health section this week was an article promoting the work we do here with Oxygen Healing at the Midlands Diving Chamber, focusing on one of our own patients, Gwynneth Flowers.

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Download the Tanked Up Magazine iPad App

Great news for techno-geeks and bookworms alike: The Tanked Up Magazine iPad app is here and it's free.

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Dr Firth and the Daily Mail

The Medical Director of the London and Midlands Diving Chambers, the delectable Dr Oliver Firth, was asked to give his expert opinion to those insightful people at the Daily Mail on the 'Diver who Cheated Death' whilst working in the North Sea.

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FAQ Dive Medicine

The bible of dive medicine is here.

FAQ Dive Medicine is a new and invaluable book brought to you by the specialist doctors at London Diving Chamber and it is aimed at YOU, the diver.

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The Midlands Diving Chamber on the BBC's 'Secrets of Everything'

The last episode of BBC Three�s �The Secrets of Everything� sees self-confessed science geek and adrenaline junkie, Greg Foot, under pressure at the Midlands Diving Chamber as he and an inflatable friend attempt to dig to Australia.

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Previous Events

Dive Lecture 2011 Video Highlights

Dive Lectures - March 2011

Video highlights from the eminently enjoyable 2011 Dive Lectures.

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The Midlands Diving Chamber opening as seen on the BBC

The Midlands Diving Chamber opening as seen on the BBC.

Watch the BBC's coverage of the opening of MDC.

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Dive Lecture Audio/Podcast

Dive Lectures - January 2007

Download the audio/podcast from the "Dive Lectures" 2007.

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